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By June Manning Thomas

Struggling to Learn

An Intimate History of School Desegregation in South Carolina

A semi-autobiographical history of civil rights struggles to educate Black children and desegregate public schools.

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June Manning Thomas

Born and raised in South Carolina, June Manning Thomas left SC to attend college at Michigan State University (MSU). She chose urban planning as a field in part because of her memories of finding relief from Jim Crow accommodations in big cities that her family visited. She has taught at MSU, Cleveland State University, and University of Michigan (UM), and was eventually named the Mary Frances Berry Distinguished University Professor Emerita of Urban Planning, UM. Her latest book is Struggling to Learn: An Intimate History of School Desegregation in SC (2022).

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Struggling to Learn is a unique synthesis of deep historical research with a searing personal memoir.

—Robert Fishman, University of Michigan


Struggling to Learn is a deeply moving, meticulously researched, and much needed memoir.

—Bobby Donaldson, University of South Carolina


This book tells a fascinating, powerful story about race, education, and civil rights in South Carolina.

—Howell Baum, University of Maryland 

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